Strength of the Stallion

MRS Oil Nigeria Plc

Key Facts

A 15 Million liter/day loading capacity Terminal at Tincan, Lagos
A 2 Million liter/day Fuel Terminal at Apapa Lagos
Storage – 150 Million liters
Jetty – 400 Million LOA and 12 Million Draft
Isolo Truck Staging area for more than 1000 Trucks
Lubricant blending and packaging plant
Modern Avjet facilities in Lagos, Abuja
More than 586 retail stations in Nigeria

MRS is redefining standards in meeting the fuel needs of a growing list of consumers and industrial customers in West Africa.

At MRS we do not just sell fuel, we provide fuel solutions after conducting operational studies to determine customers’ specific fuel requirements. We recognize the unique needs of every customer and design appropriate fingerprint solutions that would ensure cost reduction and increase operational efficiency. With a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, we offer innovative business solutions that go beyond quality fuels to ensure that we add identifiable value to the business of our customers.

The four key areas of our fingerprints solutions are:

  1. Vendor Managed Inventory

An arrangement where we maintain adequate stock of fuel in our customers’ location and the customer only pays for what is consumed at the end of every month. This also ensures optimal stock and ease of fuel ordering process

  1. Fuel Facilities Management

MRS could offer to maintain and manage customers’ own fuel facilities.

  1. Fuel Management Solution

Improved fuel security, authorization and report management.

  1. Safety, Health and Environment

Focus on fuel storage facilities and environment. More reputable industrial customers are switching over to MRS because of the benefits that we offer which also allow them to focus on their core business activities while we take the onerous burden of fuel management from them.

Our fingerprints business solutions coupled with our key account management program have distinguished us as a leading integrated fuel solutions provider not only in Nigeria but also in the entire West Africa sub-region.




Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) for Petrol Engines

Premium Motor Spirit, also known as gasoline or petrol, is a transparent, petroleum-derived liquid that is used primarily as a fuel in powering the internal combustion engines of most vehicles, generators and machines. Our PMS comprises of organic compound together with variety of additives that enhance engine performance. It is of premium quality and it is compatible with all petrol vehicles.

Product benefits:

  • Ensures cleanliness of fuel systems by minimizing the buildup of harmful deposits.
  • Provides better combustion and fuel economy.
  • Reduces maintenance of fuel systems.


Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) for Diesel Engines

Automotive Gas Oil, also known as diesel, is a light distillate fuel used to efficiently power internal combustion diesel engines. It is obtained from crude oil distillation and is used in automotive (both on and off road) and industrial applications.

Product benefits:

  • Delivers adequate lubricity, to help protect fuel pumps and injectors from wear.


Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK)

Household Kerosene is a liquid hydrocarbon similar in composition to diesel. It is widely used as a fuel, in industry, and in households for lamps, cooking stoves.


Aviation Turbine Kerosene (ATK)

Aviation Turbine Kerosene is used to power aircrafts with gas-turbine engines. It is a kerosene in a very pure refined state; colourless to straw-colored in appearance. Our ATK otherwise known as Jet A-1 is of high quality. It meets the specifications and requirements according to ASTM Standards, IATA Guidelines for Joint Fueling System Checklist latest issue for Jet A-1.

Fuel Pricing

Our fuel prices are regulated by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), under the 1986 order of petroleum products (uniform retail prices).

MRS Gas comes on with unique designs of innovative composite rust free cylinders. Composite cylinders offer a modern high technology alternative to steel cylinders which have remained unchanged for at least 6 decades. Although composites are targeted at a niche market for customers willing to spend more for convenience, safety, durability and design.


Our Cylinders

MRS Gas cylinder comes in an average size of 12.5kg but we are adding 6kg cylinder  to the range to satisfy various customer demands.


Safety Guide for Handling Gas Cylinder.

MRS Gas value on safety and cleanliness that’s why we chose composite cylinder as our prime cylinders for its environmental friendliness and explosion free components. Please find below simple safety tips while handling gas cylinders.

What are the key properties of LPG?

  • Though a gas, always stored and transported as liquid under pressure.
  • LPG is colourless when in gaseous or liquid form- hence leaks cannot be detected by the naked eye.
  • LPG is Odourless – hence cannot be smelt when leaking.
  • A chemical – Methyl mercaptan is added to give strong smell to detect any leakages.
  • LPG is harmless when in contact.
  • Heavier than air – hence when LPG leaks it settles down at floor level.


Simple Tips for Domestic Usage.

  • Keep the cylinder always in vertical position
  • LPG burner should always be kept at higher a position than the cylinder
  • LPG burner to be positioned away from curtains
  • Rubber tube should not be in twisted, looped or pressed condition
  • Light the match stick, take it near to the burner and then operate the knob
  • Replace rubber tube once in two years
  • Never leave cooking unattended – a slight breeze can put off the flame
  • Detect leak of LPG by smell and not by naked flame
  • Always close the knob when not in use
  • Always close the Pressure regulator when not in use
  • Keep the ignition ready before release of gas
  • Never place any utensil on the cylinder
  • Use genuine equipment
  • Keep the complete installation clean after use
  • Never fiddle with the knob and pressure regulator
  • Change the rubber tube every 2 years
  • Always provide bottom ventilation for Cylinder storage


What to do when LPG Leaks

  • You know there is a leak when you smell gas
  • Never Panic
  • Close the Regulator
  • Do not switch any electrical appliance – ON or OFF
  • Electrical sparks may ignite the gas
  • Open the doors and then the windows- LPG is heavier then air hence flows down
  • Do not use any lighter/ flame
  • If the smell prevails then isolate the cylinder with the closed regulator in an open space and call the Distributor


How to conserve LPG

  • Use flat vessel, proportionate to the Burner
  • Always plan your cooking, keep all the food ingredients within reach
  • Never use food material directly from the fridge- Bring it under atmospheric temperature
  • Never leave the flame on without anything on the burner
  • Do not use excessive water
  • Simmer the flame when boiling takes place
  • Use pressure cooker as much as possible- Saves gas by more than 40%
  • Eat meals at a time with the family as reheating food consumes a lot of gas
  • By following the above you will save more than 20% LPG


List of MRS Gas dealers

We have numerous re-sellers and distributors nationwide. Click on our map to find a location nearest to you.


Be an MRS Gas dealer

GAS is the future of petroleum in Nigeria with it is low carbon emission and rich commercial gain. You would be able to benefit from the GAS campaign MRS is offering Distributors depending on your Finances. Simply call our customer care line or email us to request a form to be filled for your distributorship.

1st Tier Distributorship requires clients to have abundant space for a bottling plant which we advise you to build to certain International Standards. A working capital is needed with which we can guarantee constant supply of products to your gas plant.

2nd Tier Distributorship is based on spoke and hub marketing which we guide you in achieving your goals by introducing sub distributors. We are also introducing Skid tanks in your location to refill other cylinders apart from MRS cylinders. A certain inventory of MRS cylinders are needed for retention of customers and also brand loyalty. Note that all assets are properties of MRS and remain the property of MRS for the duration of the contract.

3rd Tier Distributorship entails minimum entry strategy but is key to the gas movement, normally minimum inventory of 10 to 30 cylinders required depending on the location.



MRS takes pride in producing safe, high quality and reliable lubricants knowing that they are critical to improving equipment performances and extending their life span.

MRS Premier and MRS Stallion are recognized for their quality, performance and technology. Each of these brands showcase lubrication products that are used daily in passenger vehicles, trucks and industrial machinery.

MRS Premier are superior lubricants for petrol-fired engines that not only provide customers with bottom-line value, but also proven performance.

MRS Stallion diesel engine oil meet some of the toughest industry standards in the world. Whenever you operate, MRS Stallion can help provide total protection for your equipment.

At MRS, we do not only manufacture and sell quality lubricants and Greases, we also provide all lubricant-related services that help you protect your investment.


Some of our technical services include:

  • Oil in use monitoring
  • Used oil analysis
  • Lubricants surveys and recommendations
  • Inventory management
  • Fleet management
  • Training
  • Used oil management
  • Safety, Health and Environment solution

Our Lubricants

MRS Lubricants are a blend of quality, technology, and adherence to strict and stringent international standards. Our Lubricant brands are: Premier and Stallion brands. Premier series of lubricants are formulated and blended for gasoline powered engines. These are premium grades of lubricants to deliver superior engine performance and peace of mind and are available in multi and mono grades.

Stallion Series of lubricants are formulated and blended for diesel powered engines. The stallion reflects our strength and passion. MRS Stallion Diesel products are specifically developed for use in heavy duty truck diesel engines.

Automotive Grades

MRS PREMIER XTRA FORMULA FULL SYNTHETIC 5W-40 is optimum engine oil formulated for superior engine performance in latest cars and SUV’s. It is a multi-grade passenger synthetic engine oil formulated from non-conventional base oils, together with advanced high performance additive components, to provide excellent durability for long life performances, wear protection, cold temperature performance and reduced emissions.

MRS PREMIER XTRA FORMULA SEMI SYNTHETIC 10W-40 is a blend of high quality mineral base oil and synthetic base oils blended to meet and exceed stringent performance specification for excellent durability for long life performances, wear protection, cold temperature performance and reduced emissions.

MRS PREMIER XTRA FORMULA 20W-50 is an advanced engine oil specially formulated from selected mineral base stocks and advanced additive technology to meet the lubrication requirements of the latest gasoline engines.

MRS PREMIER SUPER SAE 40 is a premium quality single automotive engine oil formulated to meet the rigorous demand of modern, high performance passenger cars running on gasoline.

MRS PREMIER MOTOR OIL 50 is developed for the lubrication of gasoline, diesel, LPG and natural gas engines. The series meets or exceeds API Service Classifications CC, CD and SC. Specifically designed and blended for older generation vehicles.

PREMIER 2T TC ENGINE OIL is excellent blend of high quality heavy base oil combined with ash less additive performance package that protect metal engine from corrosion wear and piston deposit. It is specifically recommended for use in small generators, boats, motorcycles, lawn mower and other equipment powered by two cycle gasoline engines.

MRS ATF DEXRON III is suitable for many applications, not only as an Automatic Transmission Fluid but also as a Power Steering Fluid. It prevents rust and corrosion.

MRS MOTO GEAR EP OIL is extreme pressure gear lubricants designed for use in manual transmission gear systems based on sulphur- phosphorus addictive technology.

MRS CRYSTAL 3 GREASE is dark green, long fibre sodium based grease made for bearings and rollers.

Industrial Lubricants

MRS HYDRO HD is premium grade anti-wear hydraulic oil with a formulation designed to meet the stringent operating requirements of positive displacement, high pressure, and high speed hydraulic pumps.

MRS HYDRO HVI are high performance hydraulic fluids with excellent viscosity control under both severe mechanical stress and across a wide range of temperatures.

MRS GEARBOX is premium quality, extreme-pressure oils designed, primarily, for the lubrication of heavy duty industrial gears. Their high load carrying capacity and anti-friction characteristics combine to offer superior performance in gears and other industrial applications.

MRS STALLION XTRA PREMIUM 15W 40 is an Extra High Performance Diesel engine oil diesel for the latest generation of Buses and Generators. It is high technology performance leading to fuel savings and good emission control.

MRS STALLION DIESEL SUPER LA is a premium heavy duty diesel engine oil for high Performance. MRS Stallion Diesel Super LA was designed to conform to the latest ACEA, API and Original Equipment Manufacturers performance standards for heavy duty diesel engines operating on and off highway.

MRS STALLION HEAVY DUTY series are diesel engine oils with low ash characteristics and specifically formulated to deliver superior lubrication for heavy duty diesel engines.

MRS MARINA Series of marine lubricants aims to give you peace of mind by delivering the right products and technical services when and where you need them, and through its technology and marine industry knowledge.

MRS TURBO R&O OIL is a high performance rust and oxidation inhibitor oil specifically formulated for industrial turbines machines operating under severs condition.


MRS Lubes Blending Plant

MRS Oil Nigeria Plc owns one of the largest lube oil blending facilities in Nigeria and is an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility strategically located by the largest fuel jetty in Lagos. With a base oil storage capacity of 9,000,000 litres and a blending capacity in excess of 50,000MT per year, the company is able to cater for a considerable market segment in the lubes market. The MRS Lube Blending Plant is comprised of the Lube Oil Blending unit, Lube Oil Packaging unit, Grease Making Unit, Grease Packaging Unit, Raw Materials & Finished Product Warehouses and a Quality Control/ R & D Laboratory.


List of MRS Lubricant dealers

We have numerous re-sellers and distributors nationwide. Click on our map to find a location nearest to you.


Be an MRS Lubricant Dealer

The prerequisites for becoming MRS lubricants dealership are

  • A letter from the intending dealer with financial capability and experience in marketing and distribution of consumer goods
  • To have a functional warehouse as well as delivery van
  • Ability to maintain the highest level of Health, Safety and Environmental standards in line with MRS policy.

Distribution Depot

Tincan Island

  • Privately owned depot
  • Owned by MRS
  • Jetty with a draft of 6.8 meters even keel

Apapa Depot

  • Privately owned depot
  • Owned by MRS
  • 6,500,000 liters capacity
  • Shared jetty – named NOJ – owned by PPMC

International Airport (JUHI) – Lagos

  • A consortium of five marketers
  • Total depor storage tank capacity – 16,200,000 litres
  • MRS Volume Share: 3,240,000 litres

Domestic Ikeja Airport – Lagos

  • 100% Operated by MRS Oil Nig PLC
  • 7 horizontal tanks of total Depot storage Capacity: 380,000 litres as in the below:
  • 8 Bowsers with a total capacity of 176,000 litres

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport – Abuja

  • 100% Operated by MRS Oil Nig PLC
  • Storage Tanks :2 vertical tanks of 450,000 litres storage capacity each
  • Total Depot storage Tank Capacity: 900,000 litres
  • 3 Bowsers with a total capacity of 126,000

Mallam Aminu International Airport – Kano

  • A consortium of 4 marketers
  • Operated by MRS Oil Nigeria Plc
  • Total depot storage tank capacity – 2,800,000 litres
  • MRS Volume Share: 700,000 litres
  • 2 Bowsers with a total capacity of 111,000 litres

Safety and Quality of Products and Services at MRS Service Stations

The MRS Customer value proposition is ‘Quality underscored by clean, safe and reliable Operations’. We strive to achieve fuels and non-fuels earnings growth to improve sustainable returns over the business cycle through market expansion, product differentiation, innovation and renovation, low cost operations & diversification. We ensure at all times that our Service Stations employees are well trained and comply with World Class Service Standards.

It is the policy of MRS and its local and international affiliates to conduct its business in a manner that protects people, property and the environment. Our goal is that the management of safety, health and environmental (S.H.E) issues has equal level of prominence when balanced against operational and commercial considerations.

In keeping with this principle and objective at MRS, we:

  • Manage the design, construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of assets in a manner that is protective of people, property and the environment.
  • Realize our first priority of incident prevention through constant risk assessments and appropriate risk management efforts but be prepared for any emergency.
  • Seek the involvement of all employees in promoting a safe and healthy work environment and provide recognition for superior safe work performance.
  • Strive to manage the risk of our products throughout their products’ life cycles.
  • Assess and manage S.H.E liabilities prior to all business and property transactions.
  • Facilitate the understanding of employees and contractors regarding their SHE responsibilities and verify compliance with company policy and government regulations.
  • Ensure continual improvement in S.H.E performance by monitoring critical metrics.


Existing Promotions and Campaigns at MRS Service Stations.

We do not have any ongoing promotion and campaign at the moment.


Existing MRS Convenience Store.

MRS welcomes customers to a convenience store at our Service Stations. We provide customers with a range of different local and imported items including refreshments, car accessories, newspapers, magazines, and our World Class range of Lubricants.

Several MRS Convenience Stores are also equipped with ATMs in order to facilitate transactions. We continuously strive to improve our products and Services in order to make our Service Stations ‘The preferred One-Stop-Shop’ across Nigeria.


  1. Microchip

Allows the use of a four digit PIN Code

Easy identification/Blacklisting of cards

Smartchips cannot be cloned

Fuelling limits can be enforced

Smartchip cannot be damaged by electro-magnetic radiation e.g. mobile phones, magnets, speakers

  1. Customer’s control option

Cards are limited based on geographical zones due to difference in Pan Numbers and exchange rate reasons.

Customer has access to view transactions on the portal that’s captures geographical time, transaction, detail invoicing and mileage

  1. Customization

Customization includes customer’s name and vehicle registration number which are embedded on the card. Customers decide to limits products on cards depending on consumption patterns.

  1. Receipt & Report

We have a merchant receipt for the dealer and customer on the POS level. We also have a web portal where customers can check their transactions online or request a monthly statement.

Major benefits of MRS Card

  1. Analysis & Report

Real time transactions update and Automatic Accounting balance from customer platform.

Convenience – We have a web access portal with reports for all locations, card holders, product sold, Mileage of vehicle driven and also dealer information. The reports are in excel and pdf for simple analysis

Rewarding opportunities whereby customers earn loyalty points with lots of gifts whenever they visit MRS outlets.

  1. Security & Control

Secured Chip and pin technology to eradicate fraud

Amount restriction

  1. Financial Benefit

Generate loyalty points with no transaction fees compared to a bank card.

Help customers actualize budget

  1. Quality Products & Services.

EMV Complaint, VISA certified

Large network of retail stations

  1. Free initial card issue
  2. Eliminate risk of theft
  3. Eliminate risk of fraudulent malpractice by drivers
  4. Easy accountability


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the minimum amount I can load on my MRS Card?

  • N1000

Does the card expire?

  • Yes in 2 years after issue

How many transactions can be made before the chip’s memory is full?

  • The memory in the card is enough to do enough transactions and also add more applications on the chip

Can I transfer my balance from lost card to a new card?

  • Yes, you will be expected to formally notify MRS through  completing a ‘Cancellation Form’ or ‘Lost Card Form’  by contacting

Is there an annual fee for MRS Card?

  • No, but there is a replacement fee of N1, 000.00 for stolen, lost or damaged cards.

Can I use my card in other service stations (MOBIL, TOTAL, OANDO, etc)?

  • No, MRS CARD is only valid in designated MRS Retail Stations within the issuing country

Can I use my MRS Card at other MRS outlets outside the issuing country?

  • No, MRS Card is only valid in designated MRS Retail Stations within the issuing country.

Is the card blocked if a user exceeds consumption threshold?

  • Transactions are automatically blocked once a user has reached his/her consumption threshold. The user will need to recharge before next transaction.

How can a card be unblocked if it has been blocked?

  • You send an email to the administrator which after some few questions about the card holder, a new pin will be issued and unblocked.
  • A letter is sent to card support and the customer is advised to visit any MRS station with the card facility to enter a new pin at no extra cost. All enquiries should be directed to Esther Olaniyan at or

Can changes be made to the parameters of an already activated card?

  • Changes to information not detailed on the face of the card can be done free or at a cost of N1,000 if the change will require a re-print of card.

How can a user change his/her PIN?

  • You can change the pin in the station on the POS where is stated Pin change.

Where can the pin be changed?

  • You can change it at any retail outlet.


MRS Card Support Team

For any card related issues, please contact our support team –