Why Work For Us

MRS is a fantastic place to build a career. We are made up of dedicated, dynamic, experienced and diverse groups of people, which allow us to operate on a global scale. We place a lot of emphasis in the training and development of our people, constantly ensuring that we operate with the highest standards of internationally accepted best practice.

MRS is a non-discriminatory, equal employer, providing gender equal opportunities and remuneration that is competitive within the industry. Our health, safety & environment policies are focused on ensuring the well being of our employees, customers, communities and the environment.


We offer internship opportunities where students in their penultimate year in university is nurtured. This provides a platform to learn about MRS and the industry it serves while adding value to the organization. Our internship roles are competitive and are periodically posted on the job search section.


We see our employees as our greatest asset and strive to help them develop and improve the skills they possess. Our graduate opportunities are posted on the search section, and are highly competitive. If you believe you have what it takes to be an MRS employee, kindly look for opportunities and apply.


We welcome National Youth Service Corps  specifically in Nigeria to the MRS organization. This is another avenue to attract and retain the most talented candidates. Through this program, the individuals learn about MRS culture, value and business model, and can apply to the open positions within MRS.


Are you in need of change in your industry or are you interested in changing roles, then MRS is the best place to get started. Our experienced professionals are industry experts that have spent considerable time learning and applying their craft to solve various problems. Look through the open positions and apply