Strength of the Stallion

MRS Volume Share

» 3,240,000 liters at the Lagos International airport

» 380,000 liters in Lagos domestic airport

» 700,000 liters at Kano airport

» 900,000 litres at Abuja international airport

» 21% Total storage capacity of 12,700,000 liters in Cameroun


MRS is one of the largest providers of commercial aviation fuel services in West Africa. Coupled with years of expertise to provide safe, high quality, reliable service while maintaining standards

Our offerings include

» Private and commercial plane Fueling

» Fuel Facility Maintenance

MRS Aviation currently averages 150 million liters of Jet A-1 annually and aspires to make 190 million litres annually through its depots in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Yaounde, Doula, Cotonou and Lome.