Strength of the Stallion

Ports Construction

»  Turnkey project Port construction and management in Limbe Cameroun

»  Re fitting and new construction of Wharfs, Jetty and RORO receiving facilities

»  Open Stacking Areas

»  Warehouses

»  Fire Service Facilities

»  Buildings (Administrative and Operational)

»  Training and Education

Terminal Services

107 million litres tank farm in Tincan, with a jetty of 400m LOA and a draft of 12m

The only one in Nigeria with a 30KT vessel capacity

30 million liters tank farm in Apapa.

15 Million liters per day loading gantry in Tincan and 2 Million liters per day loading gantry in Apapa.

21% stake in 12 SCDP depots In Cameroun with a combined capacity of over 100 million liters.

The configuration of these storage units, especially the wholly owned terminals, allow multi-product storage for various products, used by companies within the group and external customers including PPMC.

Our fully automated terminals, as well as state-of-the-art inventory management system powered by SAP and Famsi guarantee best value for users of our storage facilities, with 60% volume to the north

Pipeline Construction & Maintenance

MRS is in the field of pipeline construction and maintenance and aims to provide through this activity;

» Energy Security

» Reduce cost of fuel transportation

» Increase safety of lives and property

» Provide employment through creation of jobs

» Contribute to the industrialization of the country

» Protects the environment

Latest Projects

» 3PL

» PHASE 1 – 350 KM

» National Pipeline Network – 2,000 KM