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Kingsley Ike is holds a Master’s degree in Engineering (Covering Civil Engineering, Oil and Gas Engineering, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering) and is currently at the final stages of Doctoral degree work in Business Administration (DBA) at the University of Liverpool.

He possesses extensive work experience in both the upstream and downstream sectors of the Oil and Gas industry in addition to other top management engagements in various aspects of the energy industry. Some of the positions held in the past include; Area Terminal Coordinator – West Africa (Texaco – Covering Cameroon, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Congo, Togo, Benin), Area Logistics Manager – West Africa (Chevron – covering Cameroon, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Congo, Togo, Benin), Director of Operations (MRS – Covering MRS Oil and gas Ltd. Nig. and MRS Oil Nigeria Plc. Nig), Technical Director – Africa (NES Inc (MRS /HAE JV).

Kingsley belongs to various professional bodies some of which include; Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN), Nigeria Institution of Civil Engineers (NICE), Project Management Institute (PMI) amongst others. Currently resides in Cotonou with his wife and children and enjoys playing basketball and chess in addition to swimming and farming which gets him close to nature – whenever the opportunity emerges.

MRS Benin distributes via its service stations, fuels for all types of vehicles Gasoline and Diesel. Our fuels are high queality and meet the standards and specifications in Benin. Besides petrol and diesel, MRS also markets JET A1, kerosene, fuel oil.

Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) for Petrol Engines

Premium Motor Spirit, also known as gasoline or petrol, is a transparent, petroleum-derived liquid that is used primarily as a fuel in powering the internal combustion engines of most vehicles, generators and machines. Our PMS comprises of organic compound together with variety of additives that enhance engine performance. It is of premium quality and it is compatible with all petrol vehicles.

Product benefits:

  • Ensures cleanliness of fuel systems by minimizing the buildup of harmful deposits.
  • Provides better combustion and fuel economy.
  • Reduces maintenance of fuel systems.


Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) for Diesel Engines

Automotive Gas Oil, also known as diesel, is a light distillate fuel used to efficiently power internal combustion diesel engines. It is obtained from crude oil distillation and is used in automotive (both on and off road) and industrial applications.

Product benefits:

  • Delivers adequate lubricity, to help protect fuel pumps and injectors from wear.


Household Kerosene (HHK)

Household Kerosene is a liquid hydrocarbon similar in composition to diesel. It is widely used as a fuel, in industry, and in households for lamps, cooking stoves.



MRS Benin has a solid experience in the bunkering ships. We also have a fleet of trucks capable of ensuring in record time delivery of large quantities of diesel.

MRS BENIN distributes via its service stations a complete range of high quality lubricants and high reliability, the MRS brand. Designed and packaged in one of the best blending of Europe, branded MRS lubricants come in two categories, the FIRST reference for Gasoline and Diesel engines for STALLION.

The range of engine lubricants is complemented by oils other automotive mechanisms (braking, power steering, manual and automatic gearboxes) without forgetting the fat for a variety of applications.


The range of lubricants Motor Gasoline / Diesel



Oil for various automotive mechanisms


MRS is also present in aviation sector in Benin. We operate from a depot located within the airport area. We have a fleet of trucks re-fuellers with the ability to deliver the jet to any aircraft in transit in Benin.



100% Operated by Corlay Benin

Storage Tanks : 1No Vertical tank (300,000 liters)

2 tanks for filtration with capacity of about 50,000 liters each

Total Depot storage Tank Capacity: 400,000litres

Product Supply Source: Importation and Local Sourcing.

Safety and Quality of Products and Services at MRS Service Stations.

MRS stations in Benin are equipped with safety equipment (ABC extinguishers, sand boxes, emergency stops), which are regularly monitored

The regular trained staff know the instructions


Existing Promotions and Campaigns at Mrs Service Stations.

MRS Benin annually awards its best customers, offering discounts to its loyal consumers and companies on their purchases.

MRS Benin in partnership with cultural promoters in Benin, offers its loyal customers invitations to attend cultural events like shows, concerts, theatres e.t.c.)

Existing MRS Convenience Store.

MRS welcomes customers to a convenience store at our Service Stations. Our stations offer and urban mini market which offers guests a pleasant space with well-stocked shelves allowing customers to make purchases on site. The goods and products sold are carefully selected and provided by major brands distribution in Benin.


Join our Service Station Franchise (RORO scheme)

RORO (Retailer Owned Retailer Operated)

  1. Covering letter addressed to MRS stating the intent, breakdown of the tank-age
  2. BENIN MRS also offers to any naturalized person wishing to run a service station, the possibility of signing a partnership agreement for a resort rental management service with attractive terms.